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The Golden Spiral - Lisa Mangum Lisa Mangum's The Golden Spiral picks up where The Hourglass Door left off and Dante has gone through the time machine door to become the Master of Time in order to stop Zo. Abby has still not seen any sign of Dante and she fears that he may not have made it through the door. Her life is also coming apart as Zo begins to change moments in her past which is having serious effects on her present life. Abby needs to find a way to stop Zo from changing anymore of her past and find a way to save Dante.

Abby becomes a braver heroine who is determined and selfless in The Golden Spiral. She makes the best decisions she can in an effort to help the people she cares about. I enjoyed learning a bit more about Dante's past and how he got involved in building the door in the first place. The relationship between Abby and Dante grows stronger and it is clear that both bring out the best in one another.

I enjoyed The Golden Spiral even more than The Hourglass Door, and found it almost impossible to put down once I started. The plot is filled with twists and I love that it keeps me guessing until the last page. It was interesting to read the beginning in Zo's point of view because it gave me a deeper perspective into his choices and how he feels about Abby. Mangum ties the plot all together in the last few chapters, including the questions I was left with from The Hourglass Door. I am anxiously awaiting to find out what happens next in The Forgotten Locket, which is coming out in June 2011. I highly recommend The Hourglass Door series, you do not want to miss out on Abby and Dante's story.